The little toe is also known is the fifth digit of the foot. It is the smallest and weakest of all five digits. I have always known the little toe is a pain because it is the last toe on the foot and the first toe to be broken, stubbed, jammed, or rammed into a table leg. Those of you who have had the experience of a messed up little toe understand that pain all too well. It is also one of the first toes to become arthritic as it grows older. Personally, I have experienced all of the above         accidents with my littles. I also have arthritis in both littles.  They can be a pain in my neck as they just appear to reach out and grab that chair leg, that door facing, that table leg. It is like they have a mind of their own.

  However, in spite of the size of that little toe and despite being the weakest of all five digits without that little toe, there would be little if no balance of the body. People can walk with out that little toe, but their entire gait is off. Their balance is   precarious and their ability to be agile is weakened.

    Most of you by now are asking, “What does this have to do with the Body of the Lord’s Church?” The answer is      simple. We are told that the body in its entirety is needed in order to be completely functional. God did not create half a body with spare parts, he created an entire body with complete parts.

  Even though the little toe is a pain, and is always running head long into things, maybe just to let you know it is still around, it has a job. That job is to provide balance to the body. It is to remind the body that balance is necessary in order to grow spiritually. Maybe being the little toe of the Lord’s body is something we should consider being. The little toe can be the alert button of the body when we find ourselves walking head long into places we ought not go. It has the ability to find the door facings, the table legs, the blocked paths, the paths we should not take. The little toe has the ability to give us pain in  order to stop us from doing things that might not be what we should be doing.

   In other words, even though the little toe may be the smallest and weakest part of the body, it has the ability, to be the mightiest, so see things on a different level. To understand that table leg is in our line of vision, but our eyes and brain do not connect to see it because we are focused on something else down the road. The little toe has the ability to pull us back from falling on our face by creating pain when we run into that table leg. Thereby causing us to stop and re-evaluate our direction.

  Personally, I want to be that little toe. I don’t need to be the head, the arms or the legs or feet. That little toe is small but mighty. Weak and yet strong. Last but yet leads. How about you? Will you be that little toe, too?    

Yvonne Sewell