How many of us have been forced to call a plumber because the pipes in our house were clogged and there was no way we were going to get them unclogged without  a professional help? The same can be said of our spiritual pipes. There is no way our lives will ever become unclogged without the help of a professional.

   Just like the pipes in our homes that become clogged with junk that we do not see so our spiritual pipes become clogged with junk we do not see or know about. They become clogged with things like, greed, hate, gossip, lies, lack of faith, lack of hope and other entities placed there by the devil who delights in clogging up our spirits.

   When this happens more times than not, we just allow the garbage to back up and tend to ignore it hoping it will go away. And just like those physical pipes it does not go away it just backs up until it overflows and smells up the house.

    When we allow the garbage to back up and overflow into our spiritual house, we are allowing it to spill over into God’s house, as we are part of his body. We are part of his church. When this happens, it affects the entire body. Just like it  affects the physical house we live it when we allow the devil to clog up our spiritual house the entire house stinks.

  We must understand that we are not an island, we are not on this journey alone. We are part of God’s house with him as the head, and we are the body. When one person’s pipes become clogged, we all become clogged. And soon the house floods with foul smelling evil.

   Let us strive to remain unclogged with clear pipes so that the water of God continues to flow through us and in us to keep the house strong and fresh smelling so that others will see God in us.

Yvonne Sewell