Be Bold!!!!

   There was a time when the Lord’s Church was not afraid to BE BOLD. They were not afraid to speak where the Bible spoke and remain silent where the Bible is silent. They  understood what Paul told Timothy in II Tim. 4:2 when he said, “Preach the word; be instant in season, and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort and with all longsuffering and doctrine.”

   It appeared that the church was doing much the same things that is  happening today. Timothy had written Paul about the internal troubles he was experiencing within the church. People falling away, wanting their ears tickled with less than sound doctrine and no longer wanting to hear the truth. Paul instructed Timothy to be instant. In the Greek this word is two words, epi which means upon and istimi meaning to stand. When these two words were compounded into one word the word meant “to stand upon, take a firm stand or a hard position.” Taken from the military “to stay at one’s post.”

 Paul did not mince words. In my many years in the Lord’s church I have observed that we are getting away from taking a firm stand, we want to water down the word in order not to offend or to reach those who are “ignorant”. That is not what Paul told Timothy to do. He was very clear. Take a firm stand. Do not be weak, do not water down God’s word. Do not tickle the ears of others.

  I don’t know how any of you were raised, but I do know that my mom, never watered down the facts, she always told it like it was. Was it      pleasant? No, it was not. Did it get my attention? You bet it did?  Did I  always listen? I did not. Did I suffer the consequences? Yes, I did.        However, I always knew the constant in my life was the Boldness and firm and hard position my mother took. I also knew the constant – the boldness and the firm and hard position God took. The Bible never waters down, dumb downs or soft coats anything.  

 We as members of the body have been given direct instructions. We like Timothy have been told to “Be instant in season and out of season.” Stand firm, take a hard position. Be ready to give and answer with boldness and firmness. Not dancing around the issue. Politicians do that quite well. We are soldiers in the Lord’s army, we stand at our post with boldness. We are not politicians.     

Yvonne Sewell