One of the crucial elements that are required for building a strong spirit is being committed to church and to fellowship with other believers. Do not ever develop the bad habit of being out of the habit of going to church! The Spirit of God truly is present when His Body gathers together, and He will strengthen your spirit as you discover the joy of corporate worship. God loves His Body of Believers and it is a delight to the heart of our Father when we all assemble at the home place for a day of worship, studying the Word of God and fellowship. Not only does He love it – but He loves it when we love it!

The concept of church life and gathering together in His Name was His idea from the day that Jesus went back to heaven. The Holy Spirit knew that we would not be able to survive as solo Christians, but we would need the overcoming resources that are presented to us when we huddle together in faith.

Never underestimate the miracles that happen on the inside of you when you choose to gather in His Name with other believers. When the Word of God is preached … you grow. When you enter into corporate worship … the fruits of the Spirit in your life are fertilized. When you tithe and give in the offering … your capacity to leave a lasting impact exponentially increases. When you proactively decide to enter into healthy relationships with men and women who have chosen to serve God wholeheartedly … bitterness and anger begin to pack their bags in fear.

There are no perfect churches because there are no perfect people. If you get your feelings hurt at church, decide to walk in forgiveness and bless the offender. God will meet you at church in a way that He is unable to deal with you anywhere else. Going to church is not legalism but it is a healthy choice that will benefit your present and your future! Guaranteed!

Unknown Author