January 19, 2020

A Culture of Excellence

Corporations frequently describe themselves and their corporate identity in those terms.  They tell us that they          possess a culture of excellence.  So, whether it is their product, their services or processes, they strive for          excellence in every endeavor and relationship.  While “good” is good enough for some, they are committed to   excellence and expect that same mentality from every employee and department. 

     I couldn’t help but wonder why that wouldn’t our attitude in the Kingdom.  Oswald Sanders wrote a classic entitled My Utmost For His Highest years ago.  Evidently, Sanders was slightly ahead of his time.  He believed that Jesus as Lord and the cause of redemption were both worthy of our best effort.  He believed that the church—before all others— would invariably default to a culture of excellence for King Jesus. 

     So, it leads me to wonder why we might think otherwise or offer less than our best when it comes to the work of God and our  personal relationship with Him.  I didn’t like the answer.  I fear that our generation is so focused on ourselves and what salvation promises us in terms of God’s favor and blessings that we fail to view God’s Eternal Purpose as a consuming crusade that trumps all of our personal ambitions, compelling us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices—our Utmost for His Highest.  Let’s face it, if we are not captivated by that narrative, then we set the stage for the dysfunctions of church life to overshadow its Destiny.   Hence, if we are not offering our Utmost for His Highest, we are just waiting for the right offense or disappointment to cripple us spiritually.

     By way of conclusion, consider this:  A culture of excellence in the church is a pro-active discipline that keeps us focused on God’s Grand Purpose and wards off the petty offenses that would steal our spiritual vitality.  By committing to excellence—our Highest for God’s Glory—we keep our focus on Him instead our frailty and failure as a group.  So, we are caught up in something bigger than ourselves!  Something worthy of our Utmost. 

     I want to encourage you to start today with the premise that God is worthy of your best.  Focus your faith on delivering your best instead of what God’s blessing in your life might entail.  I am convinced that delivering our Utmost For Him will result in the greatest blessing of all.  Envision a culture of excellence at Midway Road and let it start with you!

Paul Dawson