January 5, 2020

In The Game

   Everyone likes “the Big Game” and this is the time of year that touts many of the biggest games.  The big Bowl games are coming to an end, the college football National Championship game is just days away, the NFL’s play-offs have begun with the Superbowl just a month away.  We are halfway to the NBA’s finals and sixty days away from March Madness.  Oh, and the 2020 Olympics are already being advertised.  Yes, we love the “Big Game!”

   Yet, from week to week we are too often oblivious to the Biggest Game Of All—God’s Game.  What makes God’s Game so grand, you ask?  Well, we could start with the stakes.  On this front, God’s Game dwarfs all others.  While collegants play for fame and a potential pro career and while the pros play for money, God’s Game confronts evil, gives hope and salvation, lifts people out of their despair and changes eternity.  Sadly, as God’s people, we struggle to engage that “Game”  beyond an hour or two on Sunday or commit to it with the devotion and discipline common to all the other “games” that offer just a temporal reward. 

    It’s like we can’t see the forest because of the trees.  You see, we struggle to infer the biggest game of all—God’s eternal purpose and inevitable victory—from its most basic components of worship and righteousness.  While we may speak of such righteousness, we fail to fathom—much less connect to— the harvest of righteousness that God’s purpose implies and demands.   While we defend the resurrection of The One, we fail to find motivation and inspiration from the greater resurrection yet to come.  So, while we speak of confronting evil,     extending hope, redemption and victory, we fail to connect it to the harvest just ahead and play the game as the winners that we are. 

Here is my suggestion at the beginning of a new year:  Let’s get our heads into God’s Game and realize that we have a role to play, ground to conquer, lives to change and promises to claim on our way to our God-ordained victory.  Romans 8 assures us that “all of creation” is awaiting the revelation of the sons of God!  Why does that not drive us forward and motive and inspire us in the Biggest Game of All?  Brothers, we are on the winning side, let’s play like it in 2020!

Paul Dawson