Welcome, We are Glad You Stopped by!

Midway Road Church of Christ
3040 West Midway Road

Fort Pierce, Florida 34981


A Message from Our Church:

We hope you will accept our personal invitation to visit the family at Midway Road Church of Christ.  We are a Church of Christ for the community.  We hope you will find our church services to be uplifting,  challenging, encouraging, and filled with the Holy Spirit of God because it is back to the Bible preaching.
Our Bible Studies are designed to be informative, Biblical and motivational.  We are a community of Christians who truly love one another and see ourselves as “brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.”  Love is held among us as a supreme commandment and the fundamental attribute reflecting the Christ-like life.
We are encouraged to become involved in one another’s lives through outreach events and various informal settings.
The Midway Road Church of Christ is growing and busy doing work for God.

We always have room for one more.

Will that one be You?

Midway’s Purpose: To live by Faith, to be known by our Love and to lead by example

Midway’s Mission: To work towards fully utilizing and sharing Midway’s physical resources with local Christian Faith based organizations in 2019.